Mainline Solutions provides access to an experienced, qualified, and scalable team of finance and accounting personnel through our strategic partnership with Life Accounting Pty Ltd. A shareholder in Mainline Solutions, Life Accounting has operated as an Accounting Practice for over 15 years.

Life Accounting’s principal and director, Richard van Lyf, is a member of Mainline Solutions’ Board of Directors. He brings an extensive background in delivering accountancy services to SMEs, national, multinational, public and private sector organisations and listed public companies.

Our service delivery capability covers:

  • Financial Accounting and Financial Reporting Compliance – Including the preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with ASIC and ASX requirements.
  • Taxation Compliance, Advisory and Reporting – Including Income Tax Compliance, GST Compliance, FBT Compliance, the preparation of associated returns to the ATO, and the preparation of position papers and ruling requests to the ATO.
  • Superannuation Compliance and Reporting – Including the preparation of returns and other compliance related documentation.
  • Financial Management Frameworks and Processes – Including managing systems-based improvement, business process engineering and development of financial controls.
  • Management Accounting and Reporting – Including the preparation of periodical management reports, financial and variance analysis, the preparation of budgets and forecasts and the development and reporting of key financial performance metrics, activity-based costing, and price modelling.
  • Process Engineering and System Review – Including application of Business Process Review methodologies, such as Business Process Trends Methodologies and Six Sigma to develop and improve Finance and Accounting processes.
  • Software Implementation – Including software package evaluation, selection and implementation and development of training materials and training facilitation.
  • Financial Modelling – Including developing, implementing, and managing financial models to achieve to facilitate leading practice in financial risk management.

Our resources:

We draw on a pool of pre-qualified accountancy personnel, from bookkeepers to fully qualified CPA/CA’s. We have access to specialist advisors in disciplines spanning taxation, financial reporting compliance and financial modelling.

Our business model engages and applies resources to meet specific client needs. Our approach to resourcing keeps our teams agile, scalable, and targeted to the changing requirements of clients. It allows us to offer competitive hourly rates, without compromise to the level of practitioner being applied to a deliverable or project. You can be confident we will match your requirements to the right accountancy professional and provide an appropriate resource to deliver a value for money solution.

As a boutique practice, Life Accounting works and collaborates with other accounting professionals and practices where this meets the needs of a client. We fit seamlessly and without prejudice into projects which may require specific expertise and a mix of resources from different firms to combine expertise.

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