We partner with your organisation, injecting our skills and experience to make improvements in the identified areas of your business where opportunities exist. We are an experienced management consulting firm who work with businesses looking to stretch, grow and streamline for better outcomes. Whether your business needs structural, strategic, tactical, operational or informational improvements we have a deep pool of talented professionals with decades of experience.

Why Choose Mainline Solutions?

External advice allows you to harness the experience of professionals. Mainline Solutions brings decades of strong experience and a proven track record of delivering practical advice and implementation support. When you consider alternatives to the way things have always been done, you enhance and drive better outcomes in your business.

Put simply, Mainline Solutions joins your business to help you acheve your goals … whatever they are.

Often that will be to cut-through the complexity of internal politics, challenge inherent constraints and structures, improve processes and policies.

When you work with Mainline Solutions you’ll have access to timely and practical advice from a pool of highly qualified and proven management consultants in the areas of:

  • Business Planning (Strategic and Tactical Business Plans)
  • Management Structure
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Innovation and Commercialisation

Other specific areas of management expertise include:

Do you need an experienced project manager to ensure successful delivery of your project?

Mainline Solutions brings project management experience. When your project is delivered with our robust project governance framework which is embedded with controls,monitoring systems and underpinned by skilled professionals, your project is set for success.

A well governed project will be more efficient and more likely to meet all stakeholder expectations.

We offer:

  • Project management policy and systems implementation
  • Project definition and formation
  • Project resourcing
  • Risk management (including workshop facilitation)
  • Safety, quality, environment, procurement, stakeholder management
  • Management plans for industry specific needs
  • Mentoring
  • Independent project health check (audit and improvement)

We will help you to get the job done!

The acquisition of goods and services is the foundation of any business. The effectiveness of procurement is shaped by people, policy, processes and systems. Here is a simple process to assess procurement in your business:

  1. Do you people have the required skills?
  2. Do your procurement policies support value for money outcomes?
  3. Are your procurement processes effective and ensure accountability and transparency?
  4. Does your procurement system drive efficiency?

If you have identified an opportunity for improvement, reach out to Mainline Solutions. We’ll assist you to build robust procurement governance and provide any resources you need to get a specific procurement done.

Mainline Solutions services include:

  • Policy development and review
  • Process improvement and implementation
  • System definition, market assessment and selection
  • Market research
  • Technical writing
  • Market request documentation development
  • Tender evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Training to ensure your people have the essential knowledge

As your procurement partner we’ll ensure your procurement is efficient and effective, with an underpinning of better value for money outcomes.

Risk is an inherent part of business. Ignoring or mismanaging risk can be costly to your business.

We partner with you to ensure a robust risk management framework is in place in your business or project. Combining our experience, proven tools and systems you will have a simplified risk management process for assessing inherent and residual risk, and implementing controls and monitoring systems. With clear visibility of risk you make informed decisions and meet your corporate and project risk engagement needs.

We can assist with:

  • Risk management policy and systems implementation
  • Project risk management
  • Corporate risk management
  • Risk workshop facilitation
  • Risk management plans for projects
  • Risk management mentoring
  • Independent risk management health check (audit and improvement)

You may be surprised how straightforward it can be to fix cracks in your business with a robust risk management framework.