Michael has over 30 years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience as an executive director of several privately held agriculture and technology companies. As Executive Director & CEO of CCP Technologies Limited he gain valuable experience from nurturing a start-up through to ASX listing.

Michael has undertaken business start-ups through the planning, resourcing and execution stages, which includes developing and implementing successful strategies to build the value of these enterprises.  He has a passion for developing and implementing innovative solutions, solving problems, improving productivity and increasing business performance.

With extensive experience as an executive consultant to government and private sectors, Michael brings a deep knowledge of agriculture production, food supply-chain management, and the interface between agriculture production and the environment.  His blend of capabilities and qualifications across the agricultural and environmental fields support his understanding of sustainable development.

Michael’s key strengths include:

  • Business case analysis, problem solving and planning
  • Business development
  • Business and project ‘concept to creation’ through consultation and leadership
  • Grant application preparation
  • Stakeholder and issues management
  • Safety, quality, environmental and risk management
  • Technology evaluation and deployment
  • Comprehensive understanding of agricultural and environmental systems.